Carl 1

” i’m not the sweetest to her and she hates it. i wish she could just understand how much she means to me. she thinks i love other girls but shes the only girl i see and would work for iridian is the best thing that’s happened to me idk but i feel her closer to me and my heart more than anyone ever has been and its so scary and i’m afraid to lose her and its tough to understand and i’m so scared but i will work for her until my body is physically and mentally not able -10-39-15 ”



i will start posting a lot about Carl and some of the amazing things he says or does. he journals about me on his phone. i have some of them but i will only post one a week.

peace out.



daily blog 12/11

hey, whats up? I’ve had a really stressful week. today’s Friday the 11th and let me tell you how my week went. Monday was very easy and smooth, Tuesday was rad… then Wednesday was so stressful, i met one of the art professors from NYU. the college of my dream, i have a lot of work and ideas I’ve sent to the professor and wow was i nerve breaking! but anyways Thursday, we finally put up our tree and i hate doing that stuff with my brother. he doesn’t listen and he does everything wrong so half of the tree is neat and pretty, he other side looks like Santa threw up all over it. aggy, i’m telling you!! so today i’m very excited, i haven’t seen Carl in a week and 3 days so seeing him today will lighten up my mood and face lol, he’s my better half. i got the worse news today about summer camp, so apparently now i have 1 person on m list. you’re probably like what freaking list are you talking about weirdo! well let me explain so for Younglife summer camp if it’s your 2nd time going there’s a rule you must follow so we have to get 4 people to come to summer camp. so we sent a list to our leader, i had all my 4 done and ready!!! oh wait, PLOT TWIST HA HA HA  jokes on me losers, i have to take 3 o them off because i took them o weekend camp!! wtf actually really upset and annoyed. so now i only have one person when i had everyone i wanted to take and knew for sure would come, like lol okay i would like to see your ass asking rude random teenagers that hate Younglife to come to a camp that costs $625!!!!!! but anyways i’m over this, i’ll rant to someone later, don’t want to upset you or bored you with my life, right? okay well this weekend i’m meeting Tina woods, everyone that knows me knows i love her with all my heart. welp that’s all for today folks, read ya tomorrow!! don’t forget to like, comment and yeah okay bye


A Birth Story

Meaghan O’Connell had a perfect pregnancy and the perfect birth plan—and then she went into labor.

Source: A Birth Story

what’s love without a heart that it can teach

what’s a war without a cause

what’s hope without humanity in need

what’s a win without a loss

i know, we fight against gravity

but it’s not no enemy

gravity is what we need

it’s pulling heaven down

how could it be that gravity that holds me, me! to the ground?

what’s death without a cost

what’s truth if we keep it out of reach


i know we fight against gravity

but honey it’s not our enemy

Gravity found us a savior

Put Him on Earth so He could save us

no love, no fear, no force is greater

heaven meets earth, that’s the gravity of love

there’s a change in the wind!

look up, at yourself. its’ you

you and i.

a revolution is about to begin, love


i’m talking about a holy visitation

  • iri


you lie next to me so peacefully




probably dreaming, i find myself

wondering what about

i woke up from a sound coming from

the windowsill with the dim street

lamps and starry night sky.

my heart is wound up with butterflies

and they are tangled so tightly inside

my chest. and while you sleep

ever so peacefully just know that

i am falling for you slowly

i’m falling for the way you sleep

the way you breath



the way you say it without

saying a single word.

you wake in the morning.

i run my fingers through your hair

and there, at that exact moment

there it is.

i fall for you all over again,



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